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At the Fourth Day Honors ceremony held at Friends Academy on Wednesday, June 12th, the Upper School departments announced this year's academic and special recognition awards. At the same time, the Friends Cum Laude Society inducted new members from the senior class. Senior Zeina Ashmawy of Sands Point (Fairfield University) opened the ceremony with a Scripture Reading and a moment of silence. Seniors Uma Alagappan of Oyster Bay (Dartmouth College), Madison Daal of Amityville (Howard University), and Olivia Lizza of Oyster Bay (Boston University) performed "Our Time" by Stephen Sondheim.

The students recognized and the colleges the graduating seniors will be attending are:

The James E. Gardner Headmaster's Commendation Award is presented to students in the graduating class who have demonstrated the qualities of kindness, integrity, cooperation, effort, cheerfulness, participation in school activities and unselfishness, all irrespective of athletic or scholastic aptitude and achievement. This year's recipients are Uma Alagappan (Dartmouth College) of Oyster Bay and Joseph Horne (Wells College) of Hicksville.

The Roger Erickson Humanities Scholarship enables a deserving student to pursue his/her interest in the humanities (philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history, language and more) during the summer months and ensures, that a love and appreciation of literature, fine and performing arts within the Friends Community continues in the memory of former English teacher Roger Erickson. This year's recipient is junior Yusra Azaz '20 of Nesconset.

The Martin Jacobson Scholarship Award is presented in honor of Marty Jacobson, a devoted teacher, coach, mentor, and Athletic Director for 38 years. This scholarship goes to the student who exemplifies those leadership qualities that Marty sought to instill: integrity, commitment, inner strength, resiliency, vision, intensity, empathy, and caring service. This year's recipient is junior Jake Damm '20 of Glen Cove.

The Brian James Hom Scholarship Award is presented in honor of Brian Hom '11, who passed away in 2011 and left a lasting impact on all who knew him through his passion for social equity and justice, innate generosity and personal warmth, wonderful sense of humor and smile, and unparalleled commitment to excellence as a runner and scholar. He genuinely respected all people and sought to restore dignity and hope to the world. The scholarship honors a student who embodies Brian's qualities and lives according to his motto, "I am the me I choose to be." This year's recipient is junior Leah Loetman '20 of North Bellmore.

The Elizabeth Young Durante Community Service Award is presented in honor of Elizabeth Durante '06, who passed away in 2009. This Community Service Award is given to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to serving those in need. This year's recipients are seniors Serena Biondi (Duke University) of Mill Neck, Kelsey O'Sullivan (Bentley University) of Old Brookville and Gail Saez-Hall (Bowdoin College) of Glen Clove.

Roger Erickson English Award

  • Karly Eberly (Brown University)
  • Gail Saez-Hall (Bowdoin College)

French Award

  • Danielle Kelly (Harvard University)

Spanish Award

  • Jeffrey Wu (Cornell University)
  • Eve Fine (California Institute of Technology)

Latin Award

  • Serena Biondi (Duke University)

Chinese Award

  • Benjamin Cooper (University of Chicago)
  • Lilliana Gund (Northeastern University)

Elizabeth Roosevelt History Award

  • Frick Byers (Southern Methodist University)
  • Serena Biondi (Duke University)

Mathematics Award

  • Benjamin Cooper (University of Chicago)
  • Danielle Kelly (Harvard University)

Recognition for Outstanding Dedication and Leadership in the Performing Arts

  • Uma Alagappan (Dartmouth College)
  • Madison Daal (Howard University)
  • Ali Foley (Franklin and Marshall College)
  • Jayda Foote (Dartmouth College)
  • Wyatt Mullen (Denison College)
  • Chloe Papouchado (Fordham University)
  • Sam Rotberg (George Washington University)
  • Nico Santiago (University of California-Santa Cruz)

Chemistry Award

  • Henry Jervis '20

Biological Science Award

  • Alan Cooper (University of Chicago)
  • Eve Fine (California Institute of Technology)
  • Kassandra Homayuni (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Jack McCooey (Dartmouth College)

Physics Award

  • Danielle Kelly (Harvard University)
  • Benjamin Cooper (University of Chicago)

Technology Award

  • Alex Clinton (Notre Dame University)
  • Lillianna Gund (Northeastern University)

Outstanding Female Athlete

  • Colette Hughes (Bucknell University)
  • Karly Eberly (Brown University)

Outstanding Male Athlete

  • Owen Ingrassia (Georgetown University)
  • Andrew LeoGrande (Bentley University)

Members of the class of 2019 inducted into the Cum Laude Society as seniors in their fall semester are:

Uma Alagappan (Dartmouth College), Alan Cooper (University of Chicago), Benjamin Cooper (University of Chicago), Eve Fine (California Institute of Technology), Kassandra Homayuni (Georgia Institute of Technology), Danielle Kelly (Harvard University), Jack McCooey (Dartmouth College), Philip Von Stade (Yale University) and Jeffrey Wu (Cornell University)

Members of the class of 2019 inducted into the Cum Laude Society as seniors in their spring semester are:

Alex Clinton (Notre Dame University), Josie Coleman (Harvard University), Juliet D'Aversa (Middlebury College), Francesca De Geronimo (University of Michigan), Karly Eberly (Brown University), Tyler Fox (University of Michigan), Paige Lind (Brown University), MeiCheng Lu (Northwestern University), Sarah Rubin (Cornell University) and Gail Saez-Hall (Bowdoin College)

2019 National Merit Scholarship Winner and US Presidential Scholar Semifinalist:

Danielle Kelly (Harvard University)

2019 National Merit Scholarship Commended Students:

Alan Cooper (University of Chicago), Karly Eberly (Brown University), Kassandra Homayuni (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jack McCooey (Dartmouth College), Timothy Morgan (University of Chicago), Sarah Rubin (Cornell University), Ryan Scarpa (Brown University), Callum Stellato (Brown University), Philip von Stade (Yale University), Max Wang (Cornell University)

2019 National Merit Scholarship Finalists:

Benjamin Cooper (University of Chicago), Danielle Kelly (Harvard University), Paige Lind (Brown University), Will Richter (Cornell University)

2019 National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar:

Jocelyn Cedeno (Middlebury College), Karly Eberly (Brown University)

Class of 2019 College Matriculations

American University

Amherst College

Babson College

Bard College

Barnard College

Bentley University

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brown University

Bucknell University

California Institute of Technology

College of the Holy Cross

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

Denison College

Duke University

Elon University

Fairfield University

Fordham University

Franklin and Marshall College

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Harvard University

High Point University

Howard University

Johnson & Wales University

Lehigh University

Long Island University-C.W.Post

Loyola University Maryland

McGill University

Middlebury College

New York University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Notre Dame University

Pepperdine University

Southern Methodist University

Stony Brook University

Texas Christian University

Trinity College

University of California-Santa Cruz

University of Chicago

University of Miami

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

University of Richmond

University of Southern California

Vanderbilt University

Washington University in St. Louis

Wells College

Wesleyan University

Williams College

Yale University


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